Friday, June 27, 2008

Transmuseq is back!

Violinist LaDonna Smith writes to report that she's relaunching Transmuseq, the new music label she started in the late '70s with guitarist Davey Williams. "We are making an attempt to revive the public face of Transmuseq Records," she confirms. "Like you, the gets so many things to review we just can't do it all... It affected me so, that I put a 10 year moratorium on releasing personal CD's because of the absolute glut! It was just too materialistic to keep doing that! Philosophy getting in the way of progress, I guess... Anyway... out of closet now.. LaDonna is revamping the label.. (and Davey is still involved)" The first four releases feature recent recordings of LaDonna's duets with Misha Feigin and Susan Alcorn and a quartet featuring Dave Liebman. "We fully intend to start introducing and releasing new work by new artists in South America," writes LaDonna, "plus re-releasing our older LPs on CD, and archival recordings. Well that's the plan. We would appreciate your support for this revival."


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