Monday, March 17, 2008

STN@SXSW windup

A big, sloppy "thank you" to everyone who performed at, attended, or in one way or another participated in our debut showcase at SXSW. It was a gas. I was bemused when I looked at the program and saw Jandek, our headlining act, listed as "cowtown/blues" ... but that's exactly what it was. A heavy set of country blues music, stretched out and twisted in all the right places. Christina Carter's set with an unfortunately very ill Shawn McMillan was full of ethereal beauty. The wonderfully face-painted Space City Gamelan cleansed the palate with their ancient chime-and-gong percussion and earned the evening's only standing-O. The Nameless Sound Collection blew some minds with a trombone and trumpet + double drum, double bass, double guitar lineup. The Weird Weeds wrapped things up with their pretty-ful, slightly skewed out-pop songs. As you can imagine, a beautiful night of music. Special thanks to Jason Gross for hatching the whole plan in the first place, and to SXSW's Craig Stewart, our stage manager Lori, and the Central Presbyterian Church volunteers for being so helpful and accommodating.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure ...

The venue (photo by grrrrshon):

Jandek, Ralph White & Susan Alcorn:
(photos by Robert Loerzel):

Christina Carter (photo by Robert Loerzel):

Space City Gamelan (photo by B.C. Walker):

Nameless Sound Collection (photo by grrrrshon):

Weird Weeds (to follow) . . .

Would love to hear your reviews & comments if y'all were there!!


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