Friday, March 14, 2008

Issue #49 now available!

Today's the official "on sale" date for our spring issue ... however, many subscribers and indy retailers have already begun to receive the magazine. We're proud to bring you Kurt Gottschalk's article on his meeting with singer and pianist Diamanda Galas, a gallery of work by Jeff "MusicWitness" Schlanger with accompanying text by Laurence Donohue-Greene, Robert Loerzel's feature on Baby Dee, Marc Master's survey of the "New Noise Underground" including Carlos Giffoni, Mouthus, Prurient, Yellow Swans and more, and Darren Bergstein's profile on Radio Massacre International.

RMI has been kind enough to make an exclusive live cut available to us from the Gathering's Concert Series in Philadelphia on November 17, 2007. Find it here:

They'll be back in the states to play at NearFest on June 22nd.


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