Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruby Throat: review; mp3

Ruby Throat

The Ventriloquist

Sleep Like Wolves (Ryko)

Ruby Throat is Katiejane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw and Queenadreena) and Chris Whittingham. Previously released in a lavish, extremely limited pressing, their LP The Ventriloquist finally is seeing wide release. The duo creates alt-folk of a brave nature and formidable presence.

Garside is capable of stratospheric vocalism. She frequently explores her upper register here amidst arrangements inhabited by drones, pitched percussion, and understated guitar work. Sitting astride darkly-hued Gothic Americana and English traditional music, the music unfolds gradually; at times wafting sinuously at the periphery of awareness; at others, boldly taking center stage. Most ambitious is the sixteen-minute long song based on that most-famous of verses, “John 3:16.” It begins with hushed singing and repeated guitar figures, building to a howling, unsettling, avant-rock climax.

MP3: “House of Thieves” (via Tumblr).


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