Monday, January 19, 2009

Drum-heads open vintage drum shop in Portland

The Breeders' drummer Jose Medeles is teaming up with Scott McPherson, who's sat behind the tubs in the bands of Elliott Smith, Beck and M. Ward to open the Revival Drum Shop in Northeast Portland, Oregon. Medeles characterizes the shop as "a place to check out some great vintage and custom drums, hear timeless music spinning on our turntable, grab a coffee, hang out and talk drum," inspired by Hollywood's Professional Drum Shop,a mecca for skinsmen since 1959. Medeles refers to a photo taken at the PDS featuring "cool drums, cymbals and a couch to sit on. It had a great selection to be sure, but mainly had a cozy, drum friendly environment where all drummers could come and share their love for drumming. When I worked there, the couches had been removed but the vibe remained. I hope REVIVAL captures that spirit of camaraderie." The store will open on January 31st with guest DJs Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse), Janet Weiss (Quasi), Scott DeMay (Mike Kirkendal Band) and Karen Antunes (Mississippi Records). Chick Webb's borthday (February 10th) will be honored by a day-long marathon of Webb's recordings, and on February 13th, the shop will mount a show of drum inspired visual art by Johnny Marr (Modest Mouse), Kim and Kelley Deal (Breeders), Janet Weiss (Quasi), Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd & Kliph Scurlock (Flaming Lips) and others. In-store performances and other events will follow.


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