Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Either/Orchestra's Vicente Lebron behind bars

Conguero Vicente Lebron of Boston's Either/Orchestra has found himself behind bars in, as E/O leader Russ Gershon puts it, "Boston's own version of Guantanamo Bay."
Here's how Gershon describes the bizarre situation: "In May, upon returning from Europe with the Either/Orchestra, Vicente was detained at Logan Airport, had his passport and green card confiscated, and instructed to return for an "Entry" hearing which took place last week. (Kind of ridiculous for a person who has lived here since 1970 and has three US citizen adult children and six grandchildren.) After that hearing, he was confined to the Homeland Security wing of South Bay Correctional Center in Boston on Monday, June 9.
"Because it's a 'Homeland Security' issue only his lawyer has been able to visit him. He can designate only three authorized visitors (who have to have criminal record checks done). I'm not sure yet who they are, but I imagine they will be his sister and daughters. There is no bail allowed, so he is stuck in there at least until his next hearing, the date of which has not been set.
"Without wanting to violate Vicente's privacy, suffice it to say that he has some very minor and old drug possession charges on his record: victimless 'crimes' indeed which some among us have perhaps committed ourselves. On top of that, they are listed INCORRECTLY with various jurisdictions, most likely because he received inadequate legal counsel and didn't have the wherewithal to hire a good lawyer to make sure things were right. Now there are lawyers working on correcting the record. If this can be done, Vicente's road out will be much easier. Even if it can't be, he has a number of options.
"In a huge and impressive outpouring of feeling for a beloved member of several communities, many of you have asked how you can help. Vicente will certainly need financial help to pay for the lawyers, and to help cover his expenses while he can't work. He's already losing thousands of dollars of work with the Either/Orchestra, not to mention all the other gigs he does. Here's what you can do: write a check to "Vicente Lebron, c/o Luz Lebron" and mail it to: Rosa Matos, 20 Chestnut St #102, Cambridge MA 02139"
Gershon further reports that benefit concerts are being organized, to take place in July. More info here as the story develops.
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