Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Katharine Whalen's Madly Love (Review)

Director/Cinematographer: Harvey K Robinson
Burst Photographer: Harvey K Robinson
Time Lapse Photographer: Carolyn de Berry

Shot on location in Efland, NC.

©monkeywhale productions, 2011

Katharine Whalen and Her Fascinators
Madly Love
Tiny Human

On September 27th, ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers vocalist Katharine Whalen releases her first CD in nearly five years. Those who associate Whalen with her nineties hits may be in for a surprise: a pleasant one! Madly Love encompasses her diverse musical interests, incorporating jazz, acoustic roots music, and avant pop. She's joined by the Fascinators, an enthusiastic trio of musicians. Guitarist Nathan Golub, drummer Brad Porter, and multi-instrumentalist William Dawson are fine players, capable of negotiating the various stylistic twists and turns found on Madly Love. The record's ready supply of songs both whimsical and substantial makes it an engaging listen. Whalen's extraordinarily rich voice and captivating delivery draws one to return to the CD again and again.


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